The Black Sails Foundation strives to be the "Winds of Hope" to those in our community that are faced with terminal illnesses by providing financial assistance and other support. We accomplish this in partnership with our local motorcycle enthusiast community through events, runs, raffles, and more.

The Black Sails Foundation understands that sometimes all it takes to change the world, is a little support.  Our mission is to be "The Winds of Hope" to those in the Yuba-Sutter Community that suffer from cancer and other life threatening diseases.  


The Black Sails Foundation continually looks for other needs within our community and finds ways to meet them. As the saying goes...a rising tide lifts all ships! Join our movement and help us spread hope throughout Yuba and Sutter Counties! Click below to donate now or visit our "Join The Crew" and "Merchant Sponsor" pages to learn how you can become a member of our Crew!

In 2020 The Black Sails Foundation raised over $60,000 and provided support to families facing loss and serious, life-threatening illnesses.  See our 2020 recipient gallery below.



Interested in joining us at Black Sails?

The Black Sails Foundation is dedicated to helping families in need and helping them navigate the challenges life altering illnesses present. Learn more about what we do, who we help, how we work every day to promote positive changes, and how you can partner with us to make a difference in the lives of those in need. Become a  corporate sponsor or supporting member today!

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